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Frequently Asked Questions about Théodish Belief

What is Théodish Belief?
Þéodisc Geléafa, more commonly called Théodish Belief, or Théodism, is a religious movement rediscovered by Gárman Lord on July 4th, 1976 C.E, in Watertown, New York. Unlike other present-day Pagan movements, Théodish Belief constituted contemporary Heathendom’s first truly earnest effort to reconstruct, as authentically as possible, the ancient, ancestral Teutonic religion – that of the Anglo-Saxons in particular.

What makes Théodish Belief so different?
Théodish Belief is more than a reconstruction of manygodded belief of our heathen fore-elders. There are now more than forty years of wyrd and thew unique to Théodish Belief – wyrd and thew that are as much an essential part of Théodish Belief as its reconstructionist approach. You can have Reconstructionist Heathenry without true blót, shaftcunning, maincraft, Right Good Will, the Three Wynns, sacral kingship, or any ties to the Wínland Ríce but such would only be Reconstructionist Heathenry. It would not be Théodish Belief.

Who is Théodish?
Those théods, halls, and guilds that are woven into the Wínland Ríce’s Web of Oaths are Théodish, as are their folk. Furthermore, those self-standing fellowships that were once fostered within the Wínland Ríce and who are still bound to it by frith and friendship may also be reckoned as Théodish. Beyond this High Théodism there is also Greater Théodism which is comprised of “all those who are so recognized by the Théodish Ríce, who cleave to Théodish thew and who love the Cyning.”   As many Théodsmen eschew social media and as not everyone online who boasts of being a Théodsman truly is, the only way to know for sure if a group or individual is Théodish is to contact the Wínland Ríce. We know our Théodsmen well and we can check the Théodish Dómesdægbóc (registry) to see if the group or individual in question is listed there.

Are all Anglo-Saxon Heathens Théodish?
Not at all. Since the mid 1990’s many nowtidely Heathens, untethered to Théodish Belief, have had a go at rediscovering Anglo-Saxon Heathen religion. As such, Anglo-Saxon Heathendom has become an umbrella term, encompassing several different approaches to thew. That said, Théodish Belief’s influence can clearly be seen in any Anglo-Saxon Heathen fellowship that one might visit. Furthermore, since the early 2000’s, beliefs and thews once held only by Théodsmen have become commonplace in Ásatrú due, in large part, to the writings of Théodsmen.


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