ealdriceemblemgoldcenterMid Rihtum Gódum Willan
With a Right Good Will

Welcome, wanderer, to the website of the Ealdríce Théodish Fellowship or, as it is more often called, the Ealdríce

Ours is a háliggyld, a holy-guild of men and women bound together by oath and given to the worship of the gods, goddesses, ghosts, and good wights of our heathen Anglo-Saxon forebears. It is our earnest belief that this fore-old trow and thew, long thought quelled by Churchmen and nigh forgotten by nowtidely men, should be rekindled in its fullness. Indeed, we believe that the gods and ghosts of our fore-elders are worthy of no less.

Swá dydon híe þan, dóþ wé swá same.
As they did then, do we so the same.

Should you be minded to learn more about our fellowship of merry Théodsmen, its many-godded Anglo-Saxon Théodish Belief, and its heathen thew, we welcome you to read our About page and to click upon the sundry links found on the menu above and throughout the website. Likewise, we may be found on Facebook at The Ealdríce: A Théodish Fellowship. To reach us online, click here. Otherwise, you may write to us at:

The Ealdríce Théodish Fellowship • PO Box 13961 • Richmond, Virginia 23225
Note: The Ealdríce does not participate in prison ministry.

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