Ealdríce Links
Halls and Frithstowes
Æppeldor Friðstów– A frithstow of the Ealdríce set in Tasmania, Australia.
Éaspringstede – A frithstow of the Ealdríce set in Kansas City.

Social Media
A Guild of Greenmen and Woodwose (Youtube) – Our Youtube Channel.
A Guild of Greenmen and Woodwose (Vimeo) – A mirror channel on Vimeo.  As Anglo-Saxons, freedom of speech is dear to our hearts.
Þæt Ealdríces Instagram Page – Follow us on Instagram
RVA – Richmond Virginia Asatru and Heathen Meetup – The Ealdríce hosts a local meetup for Ásatrúar and other Heathens in and around Richmond, Virginia.
The Ealdríce: A Théodish Fellowship – Our Facebook page
The Ealdríce – Our WitchVox Page

Hæðencynn – A blog by Dúren of the Ealdríce
Þæt Ealdríces Blog – A blog by Þórbeorht of the Ealdríce
Þórbeorht Línléah – Our Ealdorblótere’s author page on Facebook

Email Groups
Þæt Ealdríces Webbstede – An online webstead wherein the folk of the Ealdríce may go about the business of our merry heathen fellowship. Alas, it is only open to members of the Ealdríce, though we may open a more public forum in the future.

Books and Wares
Heathen Greetings – Eþelwynn’s Etsy shop where heathen themed greeting cards can be found.
heathengyld books Hæðengyld Books – Reading for the enlightened heathen… or perhaps just more circumstances of pagan barbarity that we can scarcely bring ourselves to believe is taking place in the 21st century. Hæðengyld Books is the publishing branch of the Ealdríce Hæðengyld and heir to Marklo Merchants.

Other Fine Heathen Folk
The following fine fellowships have been kind enough to link to us. In keeping with good thew, we are happy to return a link to them in kind.
Eid Eviger – A Théodish fellowship in Pennsylvania.
Frithstead – Merry Anglo-Saxon Heathens in southern New Hampshire, USA.
Hearthstone Theod – A Théodish fellowship in New York
Lárhús Fyrnsida – A worthy resource for contemporary Anglo-Saxon Heathens.

Heathen Blogs
Jön Upsal’s Garden – A blog by Joseph Bloch of Skylands Asatru Fellowship
Ordgeþanc – A blog by Hildiwulf of Frêsena Thiâd

Books, Recordings, and other Wares
Ælfric’s Gothic Writings – Ælfric’s written works on the rekindling of Gothic heathen religion.
Ælfric’s HallDream Recordings – Théodish harp-sway at its finest. The original recordings of Ælfric which were released by THEOD. Music and booklets featuring the Germanic Harp and other traditional medieval instruments. Music in the ancient Anglo-Saxon, Gothic and Frisian languages and poetic forms.

Anglo-Saxon Resources
Anglo-Saxon Heathenism – The archived website of Stuart Alan.
Early English Laws – A fine online find about fines.

Old English Language Resources
Alaric Hall’s Old English Magic Sheet – Arcane magical secrets.  Not actually.  Its an Old English grammatical “cheat sheet.”
Bosworth-Toller Dictionary Application – Download.com – A must have for every Anglo-Saxon Heathen.
English Wordbook – An excellent resource for Anglish (English words that are not derived from Latin or Greek).
Germanic Lexicon Project – Because sometimes you need a word in Old Norse or Old Gothic.
Leornende Eald Englisc – A rich online video resource produced by the outstanding Cefin Beorn as an aid for those looking to hone their own Old English pronunciation.
Learn Old English with Leofwin – The audio for each lesson in the book. (Yes, there is a book, you can pick up a copy here.)
The Magic Sheet of Old English – An Old English grammatical “cheat sheet” put together by the faculty of the University of Virginia
Matt Love’s Youtube Chanel – For those who enjoyed Learn Old English with Leofwin. (which is pretty much everyone who took the course.)
Old English Translator – A true gods-send to those with an interest in Old English.