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The Ealdríce’s Frumgewrit

Here is made known in this writing that Gárman Cyning and Þórbeorht Ealdorblótere have given the Ealdríce, a Théodish holy-guild of the Wínland Ríce, to the worship of the gods and the remembrance of the fore-elders and the weal of the folk. Now these are the fórword that the guildsmen of the Ealdríce have chosen:

I. That each guildsman should give an oath on the holy-ring to the others, before the gods and before the world, of sooth hold.

II. That our moot be by the new moon and that our faining be so many times in the year: at the sunstead of Géol and the twelfth night thereafter, and by the full moon of Solmónaþ, Hréþmónaþ, Éastremónaþ, Þrimilce, and at the sunstead of Líða, and by the full moon of Weodmónaþ, Háligmónaþ, Winterfylleð, and Blótmónaþ the same.

III. That at the even-nights and sunsteads, let each gilda give one penny, or two gild-sesters of malt and a sceatt of honey, whichever be most needed, and each ungilda two pence and each leornere a half-penny. And at a death, each man five pence. And at a house-burning, each man a penny. And if any man misses the day for his giving, let him make twofold bót And let the guildsman who breaks friþ within the guild make bót to all the guild, that being his ingoing-fee of thirty-three pence, and afterwards to the man whom he harmed as he may settle it; and if he will not make bót, let him forgo the fellowship and every other guildship.

That will rightly be called a guildship, which we thus do. Now we believe that the aforesaid will árung us all if we rightly hold it.

This we do rightly hear and none doth gainsay, upon the full moon of Háligmónaþ MMXIX.

Ealdorblótere Ealdríces

Unto which we set our mark and seal, Gárman Lord Cyning.

Gárman Hláford Gering
Cyning Wínland Ríces

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