Those to whom we are bound:

As a High Théodish holy-guild of the Wínland Ríce of Þéodisc Geléafa, the Ealdríce is bound through the Web of Oaths to the Ríce’s other fellowships, namely Géring Théod in New York, Hræfenscír Théod in British Columbia, and Æppeldor Heall in Tasmania.[i]

Those with whom we are not bound but share thew:

Though not bound to them through the Web of Oaths, Axenthof Thiad in Minnesota, having been fostered by the Wínland Ríce as Fresena Thiad during the late 1990s, is akin to us in its belief and thew.[ii]

Through the Web of Thew, we are linked to those Greater Théodsmen outside of the Wínland Ríce who have sworn and kept their oaths to the Sacral Kingship of Théodish Belief and have bent their lives toward rightful deeds with a Right Good Will in the Three Wynns.[iii]

Those to whom we are neither bound nor share thew:

Being a Théodish fellowship, the Ealdríce is not affiliated with any Ásatrú, Odinist, or other Neoheathen or Neopagan religion or organization.[iv] That said, though their belief and thew is not our own, we bear a Right Good Will towards those who are not Théodsmen yet who earnestly worship the gods.

Those with whom we share neither bond nor thew and with whom we have no dealings:

The Ealdríce is neither bound to nor has any dealings with any whose purported “Théodish lineage” springs from a lord or théod that was outlawed from the Wínland Ríce just as we are neither bound to nor have any dealings with anyone outlawed from Théodish Belief.[v]

Lastly, we shun any who would politicize our ancestral belief or bring into its renewal any such ideology.

[i] See “Our Story” (
[ii] See “About Us” ( on Axenthof Thiad’s website.
[iii] Paraphrased from the Greater Théodish oath as found in The Way of the Heathen by Gárman Lord.
[iv] From the “Æt Bannung” of the Lammas 1997 edition of THÉOD Magazine. This abanning, is sometimes called the Wælburgas Þyle by Théodsmen and marked the formal end of Théodish membership in Ásatrú organizations: Be It Known: … Þæt in Þrimilcimónaþ þe gods gave Gárman þyle, and Gárman he gave it to þe Þéodisc folk on first Séarmónaþ: þæt it is þe whim of þe gods, þæt eall þe Ríce’s connections wiþ Ásatrú sceal be broken.
[v] Outlawry in Théodish Belief is akin to excommunication in other religions. In keeping with Théodish thew, the names of outlaws are not used as their unthewful deeds are such that their names are best forgotten.

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