An Abanning on the Framework and Árunga of the Ríce, the Trow of Greater Théodism, and the Unthéodishness of Outlaws

Hwæt! Be it known unto all that the Théodsmen of the Wínland Ríce held moot at Hláftíd MMXX to fathom the framework and árunga of the Ríce. Here are the deemings that were then made with the Cyning and the folc of his Ríce:

I. That the Wínland Ríce shall be a ríce of charted and oath-bound théods that gather to hold the holytides, fain the gods, and hold moot.
II. That each théod shall be helmed by a hláford in hold to the Cyning and oathed in fréondscipe to the other hláfordas of the Ríce. Such shall be our Web of Oaths.
III. That, whereas the théods of the Ríce’s early years were framed upon the dryhta of the Folkwanderingtide (Migration Era), henceforth théods shall frame themselves as háliggyld and as other fellowships such as were known to our heathen fore-elders.
IV. That, within the Ríce, there shall also be sundry healla, cræftgyld, scola, and godhéapas (god cults).
V. That the árunga of the Ríce shall remain that of hláford, þegn, and ceorl but with our understanding of þegenscipe broadened so as to fit the framing of each théod.
VI. That þrældom shall be replaced by leornerescipe with the Ríce’s schools playing a greater role in the worthing of leorneras.
VII. That Gárman Lord Cyning has hight Ælfric lord of the Théodish Smiþ and Scóp Gilds.
VIII. That Gárman Lord Cyning has hight Þórbeorht ealdorblótere of the Théodish Wéofodþegn Gild.

Moreover, on such matters of Théodishness as where set before him, the Cyning deemed thus:

I. That any and all claims to be Théodish made by outlaws or by the followers of outlaws are, and have been, null and void.
II. Specifically, the wolfheads known as Ealdaræd, Swain Wódening and Dan Halloran are, and remain, outlaws.
III. The document produced by Dan Halloran known as An Affirmation of Thew was not and is not a Théodish document and has no standing in the Théodish Rice.
IV. The trow heretofore known as Greater Théodism is hereby abolished. Greater Théodism is hereby reconstituted as comprising all those who are so recognized by the Théodish Ríce, who cleave to Théodish thew and who love the Cyning. To “Love the Cyning” is hereby defined as “Those who give leave to the Théodish King to be their King.” By consequence, the handbook written by Garman Lord, known as The Way of the Heathen, A Handbook of Greater Théodism, is hereby deemed obsolete and without formal standing, other than as an historical testament.

To which we hereinunder set our mark and seal:
Garman Hláford Cyning

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