Thew, Joy, and Right

Wísdóm – Wise-doom, Wisdom
Weladæl – Wealth-deal, Generosity
Weorðmynd – Worth-mind, Honor

Named for the rune wynn, which means “joy”, the Three Wynne form the basis of all Anglo-Saxon Heathen thew.  For those not familiar with the term, thew (OE: þeāw) is the body of tradition, custom, and practice that arises from the common history and shared experience of a given community.

One may think of the Three Wynne as the roots from which all other thews grow and develop. The cultivation of these roots leads to both thewfulness and  to joy.

Free Right
Right Good Will

Two other thews that are essential to Anglo-Saxon Heathendom are Free Right and Right Good Will. Free Right (freóriht) refers to what is often called “freedom conscience.” Free Right is essentially the affirmation that no one may be compelled to do or take part in anything that they believe to be wrongful or unseemly. Right Good Will is the pure intention that fellow gyld members have toward one another. For the gyld to prosper, it is essential that its members’ deeds and actions toward one another are free of ulterior motive and selfish interest.