Our Théod

If yours is a Théodish Belief, then to what théod does the Ealdríce belong?

The oldest meaning of a théod (OE þéod) is that of tribe, nation, folk. Yet, in nowtidely Théodish Belief, the word “théod” has taken on the meaning of a Théodish fellowship which, however betokenly, frames itself as a tribe.

The Ealdríce, nevertheless, does not frame itself as a tribe but rather forlays itself upon the holy “guild” fellowships of yore. ‘Tis our belief that an abanning of théoddom whilst we are yet without homeland, unkindred to each other, and thewfettered by outlandish lawlessness, would be as untimely as it would be untruthful.

This said, the Ealdríce has as much right to name itself as a théod as any Théodish fellowship banded or disbanded over these past forty winters. There is no ground upon which théoddom has hereto been deemed fit by Théodsmen that the Ealdríce does not meet or outreach.

Thus, should any Ealdrícesman give wonder as to what his or her théod may be, the answer is thus – ‘tis the Ealdríce itself, as meted against the benchmark hereto set by other Théodish fellowships or, as we see it, that older and greater théod of Anglo-Saxon Heathens from whence we draw our trow and thew. Tribal, though not yet a tribe, ours is the king’s religion nonetheless.

Nowtidely – Contemporary
Betokenly – Symbolically
Frame – Structure
Forlays – Establishes
Abanning – Declaration
Théoddom – The state of being a tribe
Unkindred – Unrelated
Thewfettered – Restricted in our customs
Outlandish – Foreign, of the útangeard
Lawlessness – Or Unlaw. Legislated, made rules rather than layers (laws) of doom (judgement) set within the Well.
Untimely – Premature
Benchmark – standard
Greater théod – meta-tribe