Other Ancestral Traditions, Ethnic Religions, and Folk Beliefs

So if I want Mexicans to learn the name of Quetzalcoatl, it is because I want them to speak with the tongues of their own blood. I wish the Teutonic world would once more think in terms of Thor and Wotan, and the tree Igdrasil. And I wish the Druidic world would see, honestly, that in the mistletoe is their mystery, and that they themselves are the Tuatha De Danaan, alive, but submerged. And a new Hermes should come back to the Mediterranean, and a new Ashtaroth to Tunis; and Mithras again to Persia, and Brahma unbroken to India, and the oldest of dragons to China.
– The character Don Ramón from D. H. Lawrence’s “The Plumed Serpent” (1926)

As Anglo-Saxon Théodsmen, we believe that everyone should be free to rediscover the traditional, tribal, many-godded folk beliefs and ethnic religions that were once held by their ancient ancestors. Indeed, we earnestly encourage it. [Note: “Ethnic religion” is an academic term used in the fields of Anthropology and Religious Studies and does not imply any particular political ideology.]

Below is a list of links to other traditional or reconstructed religions. It is our hope that this list might speed you in your own search for the “old belief” of your ancestors.

Ætsæg Din (Ossetian/Scythian Ethnic Religion)
Atsætæ Church

African Tribal Religions
A resource page on traditional African religions

Chinese Folk Religion
Chinese Folk Temples’ Management Association

Druidry (Celtic Paganism)
Groupe Druidique des Gaules

European Ethnic Religions
European Congress of Ethnic Religions

Estonian Indigenous Religion
Maavalla Koda

Hellenismos (Greek Paganism)
Supreme Council of Ethnikoi Hellenes (YSEE)

Mesoamerican Traditional Religions
A resource page on traditional Mesoamerican religion

Mordvin Native Religion
Erzyan Mastor

Native American Religions
A resource page on Native American Spirituality

Osmagyar Vallas/Taltosism (Hungarian Native Faith)
Ancient Hungarian Church

Religio Romana (Roman Paganism)
Res publica Romana

Rodnovery (Slavic Paganism)
Union of Slavic Communities of the Slavic Native Belief

Romuva (Baltic Paganism)
Lietuvos Romuva

Sanatana Dharma/Hinduism (South Asian/Indian Religion)
Hinduism Today

Semetic Polytheism
AMHA USA Hebrew Primative Assembly

Shinto (Japanese Indigenous Faith)
Jinja Honcho Association of Shinto Shrines

Suomenusko/Traditional Finnish Faith

Tengrism (Central Asian/Bulgarian, Hunnic, Mongolian, Turkish Religion)
A resource page on Tengrism

Zoroastrianism/Mazdayasna/Mazdaism (Traditional Persian Religion)
FEZANA – Federation of Zoroastrian Associations of North America

As there are nearly as many native faiths are there are tribes, folk, and peoples, this list is a “work in progress” and we are open to suggestions for expanding it. If you have such a suggestion, feel free to contact us here. Wé þancaþ þé!


Wayland’s Smithy in Oxfordshire. Courtesy of Msemmett and Wikipedia Commons