Oft-Askings and Answers
What is Anglo-Saxon Théodish Belief? – A few frequently asked questions.
Our Théod – What it means to be a fellowship in Théoddóm.
The Gods of Anglo-Saxon Heathendom – A brief overview of the gods and good wights we give worship to.
Hammer of Þunor – The symbol of our trow
On Norse Heathenry – The relationship between Anglo-Saxon Heathenry and Norse Heathenry
The Heathen Soul & Afterlife – Heathen thought on the here-or-thereafter
Our Primitive Paganism – Luck and its importance to us as Heathens. Alternatively, a pyre for the dead horses of contemporary Heathendom.
A General Comment on Whatever Nonsense Warrants It – We do not issue statements about current events but, if we did, they would look something like this.