We hold it to be a great and worthy thing that one should turn to the good and holy manygodded belief of their fore-elders. Such folk, who honor the deepest bond of kinship, we gladly welcome into the fullness of our fellowship.

I _________ by my Free Right do give an oath of sooth hold, on holy ring, before gods and the world, to the folk of this fellowship. I thus pledge my word that I shall keep the trow and thew of the Ealdríce. As my fore-elders who came before me, I will give worship to the Þéodisc gods and good wights. As the Year-wheel turns, I will hold to the holy-tides, faining them with the Ealdríce. Ever will I work to worth within myself the joys of Wisdom, Worthmind, and Wealthdeal. And, with a Right Good Will toward my fellow folc, I will ever seek to speed frith within the Ealdríce. May the gods, good wights, and fore-elders bear witness to my words.