DSCN2927The Ealdríce is glad to have as our guests all who would come with a Right Good Will to thewfully worship the Anglo-Saxon gods as their heathen forebears once did.  Our fainings are held monthly between the new and full moon, with Módraniht and Midsumor being held near, if not upon, the winter and summer sunsteads.

Should you find yourself wishing to come to one of our fainings, by all means, reach out to us for the “when and where” of our worship.  Holytides reckoned by the moon move from year to year after all and, whilst we most often worship at Whitthenge Heall in North Chesterfield, Virginia, there are times when we gather elsewhere to worship the gods or landwights of some holy field, tree, spring, or stone.

With that said, welcome friend.  You may reach the Ealdríce here: https://ealdrice.org/contact/. We look forward to hearing from you.

An Anglish Wordhoard

Fainings – celebrations, worship services
Right Good Will – without ulterior motive, agenda, or modern ideology
Sunsteads – solstice
Thewfully – traditionally, according to tradition and custom
Wight – a being, a spirit