Becoming a Theodsman

Nearly every Théodsman begins his our her Théodish journey by first becoming a leornere (learner). Leornerecipe (learnership), it is a period of learning, unlearning, and acculturation during which the prospective Théodsman is mentored by a láréow (teacher). Throughout their leornerescipe, a leornere “worths” (from OE weorþan, “to become”) his or herself through reading works assigned to them by their láréow, by attending fainings (Théodish gatherings) whereby Théodish thew (custom) is beheld firsthand, and by chipping in when there is work to be done. Perhaps most importantly, leornerecipe allows the leornere to “try out” Théodish Belief before swearing an oath. Moreover, it also allows the théod (fellowship) time to observe the leornere to make sure that he or she is a good fit.

So how does one become a leornere? After a guest attends a few fainings and has met much of the fellowship, they are welcome to ask someone to become their láréow. If that Théodsman agreeable to it, the guest becomes their leornere and thus begins their leornerescipe. All in all the journey to become a Théodsman typically takes between one and two years. Once a leornere has “worthed himself a Théodsman” they are then able to swear their Théodish oath(s) and become a full member of the théod.

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