A bit about our fellowship of merry Heathens:

Begun at Éaster 2010 CE in the “Old Dominion” of Virginia, the Ealdríce Théodish Fellowship is a self-standing heathen holy guild, rooted in the rich earth of Anglo-Saxon thew (tradition).  Ours is a many-godded  belief and our holy-tides follow the farming year as reckoned by the moon. Our gatherings, known as fainings, are times of great merry-making with singing, dancing, drinking, and other such giddy play woven throughout our worshipful rites. Monthly, if not more often, we gather amid mead-halls, holy groves, and temple-tents to worship the gods, goddesses, and good wights of the land even as our forebears once did.

The Framework of our Fellowship  (Membership and Árung in the Ealdríce)
Over the Ealdríce itself is its ealdorblótere, the chief priest of the fellowship, and in hold to him are the blóteras, the priests of each hall or holy grove. Such is their work that they see to the  thewful worship of the gods, the right holding of the holy tides, and to all such other holy works betold by sundry writers of yore.

About such halls and holy groves gather our gegildan, the oathed laymen of the Ealdríce.  As full members, gegildan enjoy all of the freedoms afforded by Théodish thew to the folk of the fellowship, amongst which is the right to vote at moot.

Following the folk of our fellowship are the leorneras, those who have given themselves to learning the lore and thew of Anglo-Saxon Théodish Belief that they might become Théodsmen and full members of the Ealdríce.

Fellowship Afar
Whilst most of the Ealdríce’s folk gather to hold the holytides at Whittenge Heall in Richmond, Virginia, the Ealdríce has frithstows (sanctuaries) elsewhere as well. Among our frithstows are Æppeldor Friðstów in Tasmania, Australia and Éaspringstede Friðstów in Kansas City, Missouri

Frequently Ask Questions and Contacting the Ealdríce
Those looking to know more about our fellowship may visit our Oft-Askings and Answers (FAQ) page or contact us here. For those who prefer the more traditional pen and paper method (we do love a fellow old soul), we can be reached by writing to:

The Ealdríce Théodish Fellowship
PO Box 13961
Richmond, VA 23225