An Abannung of Fréondscipe

Be it known unto all that, on the first of Hréþemónaþ MMXXI, Þórbeorht Hláford Ealdríces and Ælfric Hláford Hræfnscíre swore an oath of friendship (OE fréondscipe, Latin amicitia) to each other that was modeled after the “Frankish Friendship Oath” and the pledge of friendship made by king Æþelstán to London. This was the first freondscipe oath to be sworn in the renewed Wínland Ríce. As the oath reads:

By the gods to whom this ring is holy, I do pledge my friendship to you. To your friends I will be a friend and to your foes, I will be a foe. Thus, may we be as one in both friendship and feud.

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