The Ealdríce’s Fifeldór: Þórbeorht on Blogger

Wassail friends!

The following message is Þórbeorht Ealdorblótere announcement of The Ealdríce’s Fifeldór, his new/old blog on Blogger. Be sure to subscribe to it.

The Ealdríce

From the time that we founded the Ealdríce in 2010 to 2012, I kept a blog on Blogger which I named Fifeldór, “the monster door,” after the border between Holstein and Schleswig where Offa of the Angles fought the Myrgings. In 2012, the Ealdríce began to grow and so my focus shifted toward fleshing out its website. As such, I began adding articles to the Ealdríce’s website in lieu of blogging. Then in 2016, with the website being well-stocked with articles, I added a blog to the Ealdríce’s website and began blogging again there. Finally, in 2018 I decided to shutter Fifeldór and moved its better posts to the Ealdríce’s blog.

In early 2019 our fellowship began to change its outreach strategy, moving away from social media and towards producing more traditional publications. Spellstów was set up as a quarterly newsletter/magazine and Háliggyld Books was established to print new Théodish books. Indeed, Théodism (as it is sometimes called) experienced a renewal in 2019 as the Ealdríce joined with Géring Théod to revive the Wínland Ríce.

With all of these changes, the Ealdríce Théodish Fellowship relaunched its website in May of 2019, removing both the blog and most of its articles so that they could be put into print. Previously the website had served as an online information repository for all things pertaining to Anglo-Saxon Théodish Belief. After its relaunch, however, the website became more of an online brochure for the guild, providing a high level overview whilst directing those who want to dig deeper towards Háliggyld Books and Spellstów.

That said, as 2019 draws to an end, it occurs to me that I’ve missed having a place to post tidbits too short to publish elsewhere or even interesting excerpts from books that I am reading. As such, I am relaunching Fifeldór as The Ealdríce’s Fifeldór. Who knows how often I’ll post here but, when I do, it will be something interesting.

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