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The Ealdríce’s blog was taken down in Hréþemónaþ 2019 as part of our guild’s renewed focus on traditional publishing. During the 1990’s, Anglo-Saxon Théodish Belief thrived and its gefrain (reputation) grew throughout nowtidely Heathendom. In no small part this was due to the quarterly publication of THEOD Magazine and the robust catalogue of Théodsmen-authored booklets that were readily available from THEOD Books. Yet the early 2000’s saw a marked decline in Théodish publishing as THEOD Magazine published its last issue and THEOD Books closed for business.

The Ealdríce has long sought to remedy this, believing there to be a need for a new Théodish magazine and a new Théodish publishing house. Indeed, the very aim of our old blog was to preview articles that would someday see print. That day has come.

As of  Þrimilce, the Ealdríce released the first issue of Spellstów, a Théodish newsletter that is available online as a free pdf and in print as a full color magazine. Furthermore, we have launched Háliggyld Books, a publishing house for both classic and new Théodish works such as Gárman Lord’s Gesíþa Handbook and my own Of Ghosts and Godpoles, Sahsisk Galdrobôk, and By the Sun, the Stars, and the Moon: Anglo-Saxon Heathen Time-keeping (available this Midsummer).

For those of you who have written to us asking about the articles that were originally posted on our blog, we have good news for you. Most of those posts will be reprinted by Háliggyld Books either this summer or later this year. Moreover, moving forward, Spellstów will be featuring new articles from various authors within the Wínland Ríce.

Þórbeorht, Ealdorblótere Ealdríces

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