Þéodisc Hálignes – Théodish Holiness

Théodish Belief is Wóden’s religion or, as we may call it in our Anglish tongue, Wóden’s holiness (OE: hálignes).[i]    At each holytide, the folk fare forth to the holystead to worship the gods and ghosts of their fore-elders and the good wights of the land.   As they be-go, they bear with them goodly gifts, such as that which hath grown upon garden or grazed upon field:  ale brewed from broad barley, bread baked from white wheat, honey of the hive and mead made therefrom, or some livestock brought for blót.  Such godyield (OE: godgild) is given by Théodsmen in the belief that the gods, elves, and fore-elders will, in kind, bestow upon them the gift of godly hǽl, that mighty main which is oft called godspeed or luck. ‘Tis from such hǽl that folk and field alike are sped (OE: spéd, “prosperity”), given health (OE: hǽlþ) and made hale (OE: hál, “whole”).  And so it may be said that Théodish holiness is this: gift-giving.

[i]  “We are not talking about your religion here; we are talking about my religion.  My religion is gift-giving.” Wóden to Gárman Lord as bewritten in The Géring Handbook: Volume I: Géargerím of Géring: “That Gármanspell,” Chapter 7: Noumenon, page 51, an unpublished draft from the early 1990s as recalled from the night of July 4th, 1976.


About Þórbeorht Línléah

Ealdorblótere (chief priest) at Whitthenge Heall of the Ealdríce, an Anglo-Saxon Théodish fellowship. Author of Of Ghosts and Godpoles: Theodish Essays Pertaining to the Reconstruction of Saxon Heathen Belief, Both Old and Anglo (2014). Author of Þæt Ealdríce’s Hálgungbóc: The Théodish Liturgy of Þæt Ealdríce (2015, 2016). Þórbeorht resides in Richmond, Virginia with his wife Eþelwynn and two daughters.
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