Solmónaþ Fægenung (2016)

Hwæt! Be it known unto all that on Sæturnesdæg, the third day of Solmónaþ 2016 C.E., the folk and friends of the Ealdríce gathered at Whitthenge Heall in Richmond, Virginia to hold the holytide. Glad were we to have Oak of Arlington as our guest once again!

In keeping with the Ealdríces thew, our Solmónaþ gathering began with the charming of the plough and, with it, the rite of the Æcer Bót, the “Acre Remedy.” With the holy wedding of the eternal Drighten and Erce, the mother of earth, beheld by all, the merry band of heathens wended their way to the wéohstede where our heargward, Þórbeorht, fained the godling Scéafa. A fine horn-bearer was his own leornere, Æbbe!

A “ploughman’s platter” served as our evening’s húsel with a great gebéorscipe held thereafter in the hall. Happy were we to hear that Nicole Leornere has set herself to the task of waxing our song-hoard. And gripping were the words and thoughts that Æðelwulf Þyle and Þórbeorht Ealdorman shared on ealdormanscipe! It was a mighty gebéorscipe with many staying until the morning.

May the gods speed the Ealdríce and our Théodish Belief and may the sun-loaf which we laid into the furrow bring us a bright harvest!

More pictures of our Solmónaþ Fægenung may be seen here.

About Þórbeorht Línléah

Ealdorblótere (chief priest) at Whitthenge Heall of the Ealdríce, an Anglo-Saxon Théodish fellowship. Author of Of Ghosts and Godpoles: Theodish Essays Pertaining to the Reconstruction of Saxon Heathen Belief, Both Old and Anglo (2014). Author of Þæt Ealdríce’s Hálgungbóc: The Théodish Liturgy of Þæt Ealdríce (2015, 2016). Þórbeorht resides in Richmond, Virginia with his wife Eþelwynn and two daughters.
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