An Éaster Abanning (2016)

By Æðelwulf

DSCN2620Hwæt! Be it known unto all that on Sæturnesdæg, the fifteenth day of Éastermónaþ 2016 C. E., the folk of the Ealdríce gathered along with their guests at Whitthenge Heall in Richmond, Virginia for the holytide’s faining. Oak, Rob, his wife Crystal and their daughter delighted us with their company.

Led by our leornere Nicole, the folk sang “Maiden in the Mor Lay” as they wended their way to the wéohstede to fain the goddess Éaster. Our other leornere Æbbe served as our heargward’s horn-bearer. Following the faining, the yeartidely lác of egg-tossing was held, with Oak victorious at its end.

DSCN2627Þórbeorht led those gathered in the heall in a sméagung, known in contemporary English as “a searching, a deliberation.” The subject was encounters with the gods, wights, or other thoughtforms, and knowing the difference.

A húsel followed in the open Spring air of rotisserie chicken, egg salad, assorted vegetables and cheeses, bread and butter. The folk returned to the heall for what our heargward declared was our best gebéorscipe yet for the Ealdríce, with many fine horns raised accompanied by merry and boisterous drinking songs! Many stayed to share drink and fellowship around the fire before retiring to our tents to camp out for the evening.

DSCN2655May the gods speed the Ealdríce and our Théodish Belief and may Éaster brighten our path as we continue into the next fire festivals of the year!

More pictures of our Éaster gathering may be seen here.

About Þórbeorht Línléah

Ealdorblótere (chief priest) at Whitthenge Heall of the Ealdríce, an Anglo-Saxon Théodish fellowship. Author of Of Ghosts and Godpoles: Theodish Essays Pertaining to the Reconstruction of Saxon Heathen Belief, Both Old and Anglo (2014). Author of Þæt Ealdríce’s Hálgungbóc: The Théodish Liturgy of Þæt Ealdríce (2015, 2016). Þórbeorht resides in Richmond, Virginia with his wife Eþelwynn and two daughters.
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