A Midsummer Fægenung Abanning (2016)

By Æðelwulf

DSCN2793  Hwæt! Be it known unto all that on Sæturnesdæg, the seventeenth day of Ærre Líða 2016 C. E., the folk of the Ealdríce gathered at Whitthenge Heall in Richmond, Virginia for the high holytide of Midsummer. Guests Rob, his wife Crystal, and their daughter joined us. The folk and guests gathered round for a mead tasting before taking part in the sméagung on the Ealdríce’s thew in faining.

DSCN2823‘Twas Phil Underwood’s own “Midsummer Song” that was sang by our folk on our way to the flower-bedecked wéohstede. Our lovely leornere Æbbe served as our heargward’s hornbearer. Þúnor agreed in the rouning with the song’s command to be of good cheer and to play games of all sorts. A húsel followed of rotisserie chicken with assorted cheeses, vegetables, and berries.

The folk then entered the hall for this high holytide’s symbel. Each raised a horn to a god or goddess, followed by a round to a Germanic hero. On the last round, those assembled gielped of their deeds for the Ealdríce, many as well making beots for their deeds to come. Betwixt the rounds ran a play of the Þrymskviða, or The Lay of Thrymm. Our heargward bestowed gifts upon those theodsmen who distinguished themselves over the past several months for the fellowship.

DSCN2812With symbel complete, the Ealdríce emerged from the hall to take part in their merry year-tidely lác of jumping the fire. The Midsummer Song and rouning were heeded as the folk threw axes and shot arrows at targets outdoors. A separate campfire was prepared, around which those staying the night talked and joked and laughed into the evening.

May the gods speed the Ealdríce and our Théodish Belief and may Þúnor bless our path forward!

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About Þórbeorht Línléah

Ealdorblótere (chief priest) at Whitthenge Heall of the Ealdríce, an Anglo-Saxon Théodish fellowship. Author of Of Ghosts and Godpoles: Theodish Essays Pertaining to the Reconstruction of Saxon Heathen Belief, Both Old and Anglo (2014). Author of Þæt Ealdríce’s Hálgungbóc: The Théodish Liturgy of Þæt Ealdríce (2015, 2016). Þórbeorht resides in Richmond, Virginia with his wife Eþelwynn and two daughters.
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